Napa‘s The Perfect Provenance: Shopping and something to ’smile’ about

Craig Smith

Lisa Lori opened The Perfect Provenance, part of First Street Napa and located across from Eiko’s and Riza Plants, over the Memorial Day weekend. It’s her third shop by the same name and is a truly curated experience of luxury goods that cannot be found anywhere else in the area.

Don’t assume that “luxury” means expensive.

“My interpretation of ‘luxury’ is ‘unique’ — a collection of very special merchandise sourced from around the world.”

That includes everything from jewelry, art, candles, books, men’s and women’s clothing to furniture, inspired by Lori’s travel all over Europe. But it also reflects Napa.

“We aren’t just about one thing. For example, we offer outdoor furniture from Kartell of Milan to beautiful feather earrings from Paris.” As much as possible, Lori sources merchandise from the US and European Countries. “It’s a whole circle of celebrating small businesses.”

It sounds ironic for a retailer to think this way, but Lori believes that “We do not need more stuff. But we still buy gifts, something special for ourselves and something that reminds us of a vacation we’ve taken,” she said.

She buys small quantities of everything so that customers know they have something distinctive. As her website states, “We travel the world in search of unique items that inspire and thrill us. We buy in small quantities so if you see something you like, hurry — it might be gone in a flash.”

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