Riza Plants to open at First Street Napa complex: Shop billed as botanical boutique

Napa’s first botanical boutique, Riza, will open in the First Street Napa complex in mid-October, said a news release.

Riza, which translates to “roots” in Greek, “handpicks only the highest quality plants, locally sourced ceramics, and indoor garden supplies,” said the release.

The business is owned by Alyssa Parras Piombo of Napa.

Riza’s mission is to connect people through plants, said Piombo.

“Indoor plants don’t just look good, they make us feel good mentally and physically too,” said Piombo. “Studies have shown that plants boost your mood, creativity, concentration, reduce stress, clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, and are therapeutic and cheaper than a therapist.”

Riza is mean to be “a hub for the indoor plant enthusiasts, those who want to connect more to nature and brighten up their living space, or those wanting to learn more about caring for an indoor plant.”

“My goal is to inform the general public of how rewarding and easy owning a plant can be,” she said.

“So many people have tried caring for plants, but have given up and categorized themselves as “plant killers” or having a “black thumb.” Well, I believe there are no such things as black or green thumbs,” she wrote.

“Plants can be complex, but with proper care they can easily flourish and become the highlight of your day. It takes experience and knowledge to find what plant works best for you, and that’s where I come in! Once you find that, there is no better feeling than watching something grow and enjoying that bloom or new leaf that YOU helped that plant produce.”

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