Meet First Street Napa

1. Can you tell us about your background and experience in the beauty industry? 

I started in the beauty industry in the 90’s, with my first job at Nordstrom.  I was taught to offer the highest level of service, and have implemented those values in every aspect of my life.

2. What inspired you to open a beauty shop at First Street Napa? 

First Street Napa’s eclectic and local vibe drew us into the community.  The local people and fellow business owners have been so incredibly warm and welcoming.

3. How do you plan on making your shop stand out from other beauty businesses in the area? 

We want to offer a luxurious experience when clients enjoy a service at our spa.  We never want our clients to feel rushed in or out, and we want them to feel refreshed/polished when their service is complete.

4. What services and products do you offer at Polished By The Lash Empire? 

Polished by The Lash Empire offers toxic free options for nails, lash extensions/lifts and tints, facials, waxing and massage.  This way, clients and staff never have to worry about inhaling harmful, strong fumes.

5. How do you plan on creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for customers at your shop?

Clients are offered a nice beverage and a relaxing environment, as well as fresh popped popcorn depending on the time/day they visit.  No matter what time/day the clients come in, they can always expect a warm smile and top notch service from the best artists Napa has to offer.

6. How do you plan on building relationships with the local community and attracting customers to your shop? 

Polished offers ongoing discounts to fellow business owners/employees of Napa, as well as first responders, Doctors, and Teachers.  We also offer local loyalty cards, that give a complimentary service after 9 services.

7. Are there any events you plan on organizing to engage with the community? 

As we grow, we will be implementing our Sips and Tips Club, which will offer members a complimentary service once per month, on a specific day where we will team up with other local small businesses (wineries, olive oil companies, etc), to showcase their products to our members.  We also plan on hosting mixers, Art shows, and of course our Grand Opening sometime in the Spring.

8. How do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in the beauty industry? 

Our team is constantly growing and learning with the newest/latest trends by way of attending conventions, trainings, as well as getting certified on new treatments with the latest products.

9. How do you plan on measuring the success of your shop at First Street Napa?

When our artists have a ton of appointments booked, they are able to feed their families and pay their bills with their hard earned income, I will feel like we have succeeded as a company.  I strive for that.