Downtown Napa bustles with new retail concepts amid the pandemic


Cathy D’Angelo Holmes

I never thought in the same sentence I would state the following. Vacations and a COVID quarantine have a lot in common: They both naturally force families, spouses, significant other and business associates to check out from the digital world and put focus on the future.

A strategy of mine for years has been to show someone property — be sure to include all decision makers — just before they go on vacation so they can clear their minds while on vacation and focus on if that is the right building for their future business.

COVID-19 quarantine has resulted in the same affect. This past month you would be surprised at how many startup business are inquiring to lease space, and a few mature businesses are inquiring to buy a property for their business. There are even new restaurants. While we were totally shut down, the phone rang with ideas for new concepts.

If this is happening in Napa, I am confident that all over the U.S. and perhaps the world people are thinking forward. We have all watched the residential market flourish during a pandemic, and now it is time to recover in the commercial sector.