Artist Spotlight: Mikey Kelly

We caught up with artist Mikey Kelly to ask a few questions about his beautiful new #WeLoveYouNapa mural located at First Street Napa.

How did you develop your signature mathematical art style?
My work uses encryption technologies and math in the design of the work. This came about by exploring various techniques of converting language into numbers which would allow me to use language as a means to design paintings and to work with an algorithm that would predetermine the look of the painting without knowing the outcome myself. It allows for my paintings to progress and develop in a way that is constantly rewarding and gives me the feeling of surprise with each additional layer.

What was your inspiration behind the #WeLoveYouNapa art mural?
It was serendipity that this came about as it did. I was working on a series of small paintings and was exploring shapes when I was asked to develop a concept for the mural. I thought a heart would be interesting and that I could use the text We Love You and the keyword Napa with my analog program to design the heart painting. I sent a rendering of the idea to First Street Napa and upon being awarded the commission found out that they had just started a campaign using #WeLoveYouNapa. The background that I designed to contrast for the heart uses chevron patterns in its design also unknowing to me referenced designs that First Street Napa was using throughout their property. I guess we were all on the same wave length.

What do you hope people will take away from this particular mural?
I hope people take a moment and find love for this place, themselves and others and spread that love throughout their day. Come stand in front of the heart, snap a photo and share the love with the world.

Anything else you want to add?
It’s always great to do work where you live and to work with people who really appreciate what you do. First Street Napa and their team have been great supporters over the years and I hope we can continue to work on future projects together.

Mikey Kelly
Mikey Kelly 2