Do you hear that beat? CYCLESOCIETY came rocking into the FSN community in the fall of 2019, they’ve been keeping us energized and fit ever since. This up-tempo, rhythm riding studio, owned by Napa locals Mark and Brittany Carducci, offers a full roster of bass-blasting, calorie-torching, high-energy classes.

With shelter in place in effect, obviously riders can’t ride in the studio “saddle room,” so CYCLESOCIETY rented out their bikes to 28 lucky members, who can continue the momentum as they ride along with their favorite instructors from their homes. They are also offering a monthly subscription for the 8-10 filmed rides per week included in their on-demand library available for riders watch whenever and as many times as wanted. Those who have their own bikes at home can join in on the party and keep the connection with the CYCLESOCIETY community alive and growing.

CYCLESOCIETY reminds us, “Yes you can [sweat at home]”, keeping their tribe healthy and motivated, one class at a time.

Insider Tip: If you don’t follow them on Instagram already, you’re missing out on their upbeat, playful, and motivational posts. They are also surprising followers with at least one live ride a week, allowing anyone who follows their page, an inside look at the magic that happens in their saddle room.

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